What people say
I felt really blessed to have met Vanessa from our coaching institute. I was going through a very dark moment in life for over a year, and had to even quit my job to heal before I could move on in life. Vanessa is an extremely good listener and has a very strong ability to decipher the complicated stories that I shared. She made me think deeper to discover the answers on my own. I had many good coaching experiences from others, but it was after meeting her that I had my enlightenment moment, that really shifted my perspective in life. Thank you, Vanessa.
Audrey Tan
Former Operations Manager, IT Industry
Coach Vanessa has been very helpful in shaping my life towards a better, more positive direction. She has allowed me to focus on what is most important in my journey and ensures I see them through with her encouragement. After a mere 4 months with her guidance, I have seen significant improvement in many aspects of my life, doing things that I never would have done and getting rid of my bad habits. She is also easy to talk to, friendly and never once made me feel uncomfortable speaking about my issues during our sessions.
A regular in the Navy
Vanessa always listens and questions. Her useful questions guided me to think deeper and understand myself better. She also provided helpful comments and advice before every session ended. I am not very good with words, but our conversations were never uncomfortable and it was easy to open my heart to her. Thank you, Vanessa! You’re remarkable!
Hope Lew
Graphic Designer
Vanessa's active listening skill and ability to draw observations brought the coaching sessions into a deeper level. Her short yet open-ended questions made me stop and think about my thoughts and emotions, which served as a check and balance. Her passion for pushing personal boundaries and creating meaning through self-growth has inspired me!
Rachel Fong
Assistant Manager, Student Development