Life Coaching Sessions


Life coaching is a guided process of self-enquiry that can effectuate meaningful changes in a person’s life. Working with a coach can help you to get from where you are to where you want to be by (a) investigating the stories you tell yourself (b) reinforcing positive beliefs and attitudes (c) working through obstacles and (d) setting and achieving goals.

At The Peace Catcher, we supplement coaching with therapeutic techniques to resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs, and feelings that arise from past or present experiences. You will establish concrete goals and receive appropriate feedback on eliminating self-destructive behaviours, improving emotional well-being, and creating a meaningful life on your terms.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Life coaching can help you through personal challenges, difficult life events or periods of transition. For those aiming to make progress towards personal or professional goals, coaching is a great support system to keep you on track. 

  • Increased self-awareness and sense of purpose
  • Higher motivation and courage to take action
  • Greater clarity and new perspectives
  • Improved decision-making in alignment with your true self
  • Improved life-balance
  • Recognition of life's possibilities and how to achieve them

What happens in a session?

60 min Sessions

  • We will explore your current situation, address emotional issues and unravel personal struggles.
  • Identify challenges, potential pitfalls and coping techniques.
  • Attune to your passion and purpose.
  • Manifest positive outcomes by designing specific action steps and milestones to achieve your goals.

Our Rates

  • 1 session @ US$130/hr
  • 3 sessions @ US$115/hr
  • 6 sessions @ US$100/hr

Rates shown above apply to online sessions only. In-person sessions may be provided for an additional US$15 per session. 

Payment in SGD is available for clients in Singapore.

Free 20 mins introduction session

Get to know the coach. available for First-Time clients only

Free 20 mins introduction session

Get to know the coach. available for First-Time clients only