Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA is a leading professional and credentialing body for coaches worldwide with more than 30,000 members in 140 countries. The ICF Code of Ethics enforces industry guidelines, accountability and standards of conduct for coach practitioners. Vanessa Tang holds an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential and is a Certified Coach Practitioner by The Collective Change Institute, Professional Coach Development Program. The Collective Change Institute (CCI) is one of Asia’s leading coaching institutes and is an approved training provider by the ICF.

Coaching is NOT psychotherapy and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy. The Peace Catcher does not provide any type of psychological assessments, diagnosis or medical advice. Broadly speaking, psychotherapists are trained to help people with mental illnesses. They may focus on past traumas to change self-destructive habits, improve relationships and work through painful feelings to resolve past issues. A life coach does not diagnose a client. Instead, a coach is focused on present or future actions and results to achieve a desirable outcome. This involves clarifying goals, identifying obstacles and addressing problematic behaviors. While there are overlaps in both disciplines, coaching and psychotherapy are distinct modalities. Having said that, coaching can be a beneficial addition to clients who are already undergoing psychotherapy and seeking progress in terms of personal or professional goals.

Therapeutic art coaching is a niche practice within the field of coaching that borrows certain elements from art therapy. Typically, art therapy is administered by a licensed art therapist, whereas therapeutic art coaching is conducted by a certified life coach. Both modalities use art making, such as drawing, painting and sculpture as a conduit to explore the unconscious mind, and to promote personal meaning, emotional reparation and conflict resolution. At The Peace Catcher, therapeutic art sessions are based on coaching fundamentals and supplemented by art therapy methods. 

A 20 mins introduction session is offered to all first-time clients who would like to meet me before committing to the coaching process. During the conversation, I will share what a typical session entails and how coaching may apply to your situation. This is an opportunity for coach and client to decide if there is any rapport. It is important for both parties to determine whether there is a good fit before proceeding with coaching proper. 

Not at all! The Peace Catcher provides coaching to people from all walks of life. Although my approach focuses on therapeutic art coaching, it is not a prerequisite to have art experience to benefit from it. I also provide life coaching without art therapy to clients as a standard option. These sessions can be equally beneficial and transformative.  

Absolutely! Online coaching can be just as productive as a conversation in-person. It allows clients greater scheduling flexibility and convenience. This is ideal for busy individuals or frequent travelers, who do not have time to head to a physical office. Some clients feel more at ease in the privacy of their homes. So far, my clients have not expressed disappointment with an online session versus an in-person session.

My sessions are conducted between 9am-6pm Singapore time. If this does not suit your schedule, please contact me to see if an alternative timing can be arranged.