About Vanessa Tang

About Vanessa Tang


Vanessa Tang is a certified life coach, therapeutic arts practitioner and artist. Born in Singapore, Vanessa spent her youth in California before returning to her home country after 9 years. Prior to pursuing her coaching career, Vanessa worked in arts administration for an institutional art gallery in Southeast Asia, where she was involved in organising exhibitions for well-established artists in the region. Her unique experiences allow her to combine her background in visual arts, psychology, and coaching to deliver a service of therapeutic value. 


My Personal Story

As a young child, I was overcome by selective mutism, an anxiety disorder characterised by an inability to speak and communicate effectively in certain social settings. Although I could talk freely at home with family members, I rarely uttered a word in public. At school, I struggled with reading out loud and speaking in front of the class. These episodes would cause excessive worrying and anxiety. Most times, I could only manage a whisper or a nod when asked a question. Being non-verbal led to my social isolation at an early age. I was admonished by teachers for my silent demeanour, which was viewed as a wilful refusal to speak. As the stigma of being shy created feelings of shame and inadequacy, I depended on other outlets for comfort.

I buried my nose in books to escape into fictional realms. I took refuge in my artistic abilities, particularly drawing, writing and ballet. These activities became life-affirming and validating for me. They were also cathartic as alternative forms of expression. After many years of self-help in my teens and early adulthood, I began to build the confidence to interact with people in unfamiliar situations. This opened up a world of conversations, dialogue and meaningful social connections. My childhood reliance on creative expression to make up for any verbal deficits was profound and ultimately transformative as an adult. Today, it is my desire to help others break free from their silent prisons, to be brave and empowered to find their authentic voice through the healing power of the arts.

Artwork by Vanessa Tang. The blue swing from my childhood, Watercolour and pen on paper, 2018, 21 x 29.7 cm


Vanessa interacts with clients online and in-person from her home base in Singapore. She draws upon her background in psychology and visual arts to foster mental and emotional well-being in an engaging and creative manner. Vanessa has cultivated a private practice based on life experiences and meaningful human connections, preferring to adopt a non-clinical approach that integrates coaching and art therapy techniques in a safe and casual environment. As a creative non-conformist, she understands people who are “different” and approaches each person with an open and accepting attitude.

Self-portrait, 2018, Watercolour and pen on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm

Areas of Expertise

Artwork by Vanessa Tang. Lady of Gratitude, 2019, Watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm


Cultivating self-love and personal happiness.


Connecting to your life purpose and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.


Nurturing artistic gifts and leveraging on creative potential


Living with social anxiety and introversion.